WCAGLS Session 6: Bob Goff

Session 6 Bob Goff

"I'm emotionally incontinent!"

Getting our signals wrong. In Uganda, our american motion for hello is Ugandan for "Follow Me!"

Stalkers find out all kinds of information about people they don't spend time with.
"I was stalking Jesus, and it was freaking both of us out!"

1 John 3:16 – we should lay down our lives for each other…let us not love with words and speech, but with words and truth!

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want?

If you get the answer to those two questions right, you'll be a great leader.

Moving from agreeing from Jesus to DOING STUFF.

He built a chapel for his daughter and his son in law! They built it together.

You guys can do a lot of things! Let's tease out the thing that Jesus made you to do.

Live a life worthy of the calling that you received! you, not me, not your brother.

Like a polaroid, you have to wait and give it time to develop. Sometimes as leaders we want to jump in and do stuff for people and keep them from developing.

This guy is so freaking intense.

If we weren't afraid, we would all do all of the stuff God gives us to do and it would be awesome.

He acted like a wax museum statue and two little old ladies came up and tugged on his beard. He stayed still so that he wouldn't kill them. He was a poser. He was acting.

Life is like an interrobang. It's an exclamation and a question all at once.

Bob adopts this 8 year old kid from Uganda so he could have surgery in the US.

This guy's stories are to awesome to take notes.

Every Thursday he quits something. He is continually making margins for Jesus to step into.

God wants to show off. DO STUFF and watch and see what God does!

Lazira prison was made for 200 inmates, but it holds 3,000 people.

The guy that maimed Charlie told Bob that he needed forgiveness. "I am going to die in this prison, I need to be forgiven." and Kabi, the most evil man you can imagine, became a Christian. He is now reading the Bible and wants to do what it says.

Kabi stood up and preached the gospel to 3,000 men on death row.

Then he baptized 3/4 of them with a cup of water.

Then he forgave Bob, who got him busted and landed into prison for a life sentence.

Ok, that was the best talk yet.