Session 3, Pat Lencioni, How to Lose Good People

Session 3, Pat Lencioni

His favorite talk!

How to lose your best people

His dad hated his job, but he wanted to fix "that job thing, that's a problem"

His first job, propping up targets at a shooting range. When the horn blows, jump in the hole and duck.

Now kids go to sports camps, remember when summer came and we had to get good jobs?

His goal almost his whole life was to get a great job.

He watches Dirty Jobs and everybody on there loves their job! Every episode involves poop and they love it!

Every CEO he knows all over the place is miserable!

3 things that make you hate your job

  1. Anonymity
    People that I worked for didn't know me or know about me. This comes from not being seen in the office, recognized at great accomplishments,
    >I don't care if you're a manager or the CEO, you won't like your job if people don't know you

When you take the time to know somebody, it means everything!

Good people don't leave good jobs where they are known.

What's more important, that first $500 bonus, or the email that said, "Hey, I heard your dad is sick?"

many times we don't do it, because we never did it before. It takes humility to start caring about people!

A doctor told his intern: get to know Carlos the cleaning guy and tell me something about him that I don't know.

If you aren't noticed, and you are anonymous, upwardly minister to your boss. They are probably anonymous and just pass it on.

  1. Irrelevance
    If you don't think that your job matters, you can't love your work.

God gave us an innate desire to love others. If you can't love others by having a job that matters, you die.

I lose all of my Christian Charity in an airport. I think Adolph Hitler was born and raised in an airport.

irrelevance – the happiest sports starts and rock stars have more relevance than their sport or their songs, they are involved in something else that makes them relevant

We don't want to admit that administrative assistants make our lives better.

When someone's job is to help us, we need to celebrate that. Thank people for it and tell them how they actually make your life better!

We have to remind each other why our job matters. If we find out somebody's job doesn't matter, it's ok, change their job.

  1. Immeasurement
    We have a need to asses if we are doing a good job. If our only measure comes from our boss, that is slavery. Athletes can see their score, they can see their time. If they are measured by how their boss feels, they are in a job that sucks.

People do better when they have a way to measure how they are doing. Qualitatively measurements, what is the point and what matters, how do we know if we're having a good day?

Don't measure number of people that come through the drive thru, you can't control that. Count how many people smile, you can control that.

At the end of the night, how many people in the drive through laughed?

Put something in place so that people can see when they are doing a good job.

When we as leaders give people a way to measure themselves, we lose control over them. That is the POINT! GIVE IT UP!

You can make enough money, you can top out and have enough money to be happy. Happiness in the workplace is what drives us even more. You can never have enough happiness in the workplace.

I can't imagine being a christ-like leader without knowing the people that work for us, for giving them a reason for working, and helping them to see their relevance.

Management is a ministry. It's part of what God has given us to serve in the world.