Sermon Notes from CFC 5-20-12

Here are my sermon notes from May 20, 2012.

Jeff Kinkade talked about desperate households and some of the topic involved Helicopter Parents. There were some wild stories but I couldn’t help but think about what we have in our neighborhood: Scud Missile parents.

In the early 90’s, Iraq would fire Scud missiles into Kuwait. Scud missiles were something that American media could get behind to demonize the enemy; the missiles were unpredictable, imprecise, sometimes they were duds, and very low-tech.

Scud missile parents are the same way (except of for not being low-tech). They send out their kids, not sure where they will land, what damage they will do, or if they will be stopped.

The whole thing boiled down for me in that we are all looking to avoid suffering and burrow ourselves into a very comfortable and stable form of tepid discipleship.



If you want to see it for yourself, here is the whole sermon video: