Our Lord God is seeking people with apple peels stuck in their teeth.

So in Genesis 1, it says that God created this and God created that, but when it begins in chapter 2 to talk about Eden and Adam and Eve, it says ‘Lord God’. (I’m in the NIV)
In chapter one, God goes by the name ‘Elohim’ which is kind of His label name. It is PLURAL, but always refers to the one God, creator of the universe.
So what is the big deal? The LORD God makes a garden for Adam to take care of, puts a whole bunch of trees in it with fruit that is pleasing to the eye and good for food. One of them was also good for acquiring wisdom, but God wanted to be the people’s only source of wisdom. His wisdom is the best, but Eve was tricked into getting wisdom on her own. So they broke the rules and got kicked out of the garden of perfection. So what does the LORD God have to do with all of this? Whenever God speaks to Israel in the wilderness, or gives the law, or talks to Noah before the flood, He calls Himself by ‘LORD God.’
The Hebrew for ‘LORD God’ is YHWH, which is God’s COVENANT name. It is the Name He goes by when He is showing His most basic and central character trait, that He is a faithful, unchanging, Covenant keeper. Before Adam and Eve ever sinned, before God ever created the garden in which the fallen angel would begin his final defeat by sewing his pride into the hearts of man, before apples were red, God was putting His shoes on to crush the devil’s skull and win back the souls of all who would follow Him.