No Disappointment from the Father

Why do you ask me? Ask those who have heard me what I said to them; they know what I said.”

(John 18:21 ESV)

Jesus is saying this at almost the exact same moment that someone is actually asking those who heard Him out in the courtyard. Peter is saying “I don’t know the man.” and Jesus knows it. That does not deter Him from COUNTING on Peter and John and the others to carry on after He leaves.

In some passion movie I saw, the rooster crowed and Peter wept when Jesus made eye contact with Peter and gave him some disappointed, bummed look. But that’s not in the Bible! There are numerous times when Jesus entrusts something really important to others and they don’t get it and often do the opposite of what He was hoping for – And I can’t find any spot where He expresses disgust or disappointment with them!

He weeps over Jerusalem because they don’t get it.

He is angry at the Pharisees because of their hardness of heart.

I just can’t hear Jesus saying “tsck tsck tsck, you really let me down.”

When Peter sank in the water, when the Thunder Brothers wanted to call down fire, when Peter cursed himself over Jesus, when nobody believed the crazy Marys, when Thomas wanted to stick his fingers in Jesus’ scar-holes,  Jesus showed us the Father and was gracious, patient, and caring with us.