Loving your Enemies

Tonight I told a bedtime story that, as usual, comes right out of my life and what I’m walking through day by day.

I talked about loving your enemies and doing good to them. There are a lot of places throughout the scriptures where God and His people show mercy and compassion towards people that are their enemies. (There are a lot of times where it doesn’t work out that way either! I know!)

So tonight I was thinking about how the more you walk along the path of Jesus, the more your path looks like His.


[quote]If you are going to follow Jesus, you’re going to make a few stops along the way:
a cross, a tomb, eternal life.[/quote]


I told the kids about how Jesus loved his enemies, and the more enemies He loved, the more enemies He made. He continued all of the way up until every single person He knew, even His best friends, had abandoned Him.

It’s an interesting perspective that I’ve never looked at before. In a couple of months, I get to speak at a church 2 weekends in a row. I have a feeling that love for our enemies is going to be the focal point of these two talks.