Knowledge and Love

Doesn’t it seem weird that we approach our relationship with God so differently than our approach to our relationship with our girlfriend, bros, or any inanimate object?

What I mean specifically: in regards to inanimate objects – my sons bought some AstroJax.


They are super cool and amazing things. When they brought them home, we didn’t look into books and books of the history of juggling, string, plastic, spheres, and toys. We watched a single video of people using them, and then we went for it. We went for it for hours.

They carried them in their pockets every time we went out of the house.

They wore the stings down.

They dropped them.

They tangled them.

They used them like crazy.

When this cute girl that I know became my girlfriend, I didn’t research the history of the Scandinavian and Danish people. I didn’t learn all about Ivy Tech (where she went to school) and North High School and map out the neighborhoods where she grew up and the fashion design industry that she was interested in.

I hung out with her.

I spent every moment I could with her.

If she was working, I would sit at the bookstore where she worked and I would read.

If she was on her dinner break in the evening I’d bring her Arby’s.

If she had a Saturday off we would walk around Audobon park and kick gumballs.

How much more so should we look at Christianity like this! Some would say it is shallow and emotional. That faith like that relies too much on feelings and not on knowledge.

It is not because of knowing about my girlfriend that I made a life-long covenant to be with her! We have now been married for 13 years and have 5 children!

If we compare the local church to a person, she may have made herself rather fat as far as attendance (though overall church attendance is dropping nationwide) but she’s not typically birthing out more churches.

I’m curious as to what would happen if we treated our faith more as a love affair than an intellectual pursuit.

1 Corinthians 8:1

All of us possess knowledge. This “knowledge” puffs up, but love builds up.

What would happen if we went after the immeasurable and risky love of God that is beyond all knowledge? I think it would be awesome.