It's not about their Honor, but about their Focus

“The world was not worthy of them.”
(Heb 11:38 NIV)

I looked this up, and got some stuff reversed. I thought it was saying that the world didn’t deserve to have these people on it. Like these people were so good that they shouldn’t be here.

It looks like it’s a little different with the Hebrew words. It almost looks like it could be, “the world did not receive praise from them” or “The world was not comparable to them or meriting reward from them”

So that makes me think about things in the world that I give praise to, that I honor and reward with my attention, passion, or time. I’m ashamed to say that the hour I wasted this morning on Youtube was fruitless, but got my early morning attention today.

I don’t think the answer is the stoic, unemotional lifestyle we see from old Jesus movies, but I also wonder if our joy will quadruple when we put it on things that ARE worthy of our praise, honor, and time. I wonder, if I wasn’t ripped off into thinking that a 320×240 pixel movie could be exciting, would I savor the exciting-albeit simpler-aspects of normal life?

  • I think I should add here that I still want an iPhone.