Hating on your Lifeguard

In Numbers 12, there is a pretty common biblical event:

Then Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman he had married (for he had married an Ethiopian woman).
They said, “Has the Lord only spoken through Moses? Has he not also spoken through us?” And the Lord heard it.

Some people that have been helped out A LOT start grumbling against the one that helped them. Aaron and Miriam have been a part of the deliverance of all of Israel. Miriam was the lead worship singer when they crossed through the Red Sea. Aaron was Moses’ right hand man throughout all of the plagues! And now they are looking at Moses and coveting his glory.

As they grumble against Moses, they take part in an almost eternal bout of jealousy. Cain & Abel, Satan & God, the sons of Isaac, the sons of David, Jesus’ disciples, the various apostles that travel around after Jesus’ death, the list goes on.
Sometimes in the amazing event of backstabbing, God guides the anointed one that He has made the lead to be the savior of the ones that grumble against him. Sometimes, however, He lets the grumblers win.
And sometimes, He does both.
Jacob’s 12 sons (ok, 10 of them) were jealous against Joseph. They rebelled against him, and then YEARS later it turned out that HE saved THEM. Jesus DIED and then a few days later everyone realized that DYING was the WHOLE POINT of what He was doing!
The real profound thing here is that God truly shows His nature in His people when He saves the enemies through the victim of the griping. Moses could easily write off Aaron and Miriam and let them be miserable in their jealousy, but God wanted to show them how Moses was different than they were.
Any grumbler would wish evil on their enemy. Miriam would obviously be happy if she got more power OR if Moses got less. But when God’s presence leaves them and she’s covered with disease, she and Aaron aren’t the ones crying out to God to fix it.
Numbers 12:11-13

11 So Aaron said to Moses, “O my lord, please do not hold this sin against us, in which we have acted foolishly and have sinned!
12 Do not let her be like a baby born dead, whose flesh is half-consumed when it comes out of its mother’s womb!”
13 Then Moses cried to the Lord, “Heal her now, O God.”

Moses is the one they ask for help.

Moses is the one they ask to fix it.

God just explained to them how Moses is different, but showing is better than telling. Aaron and Miriam want to put their enemies down because jealousy is self-seeking. Moses is seeking the good of those that speak against him, because he knows that whatever he is is from God, and not from himself.
After this, Miriam owes Moses her life. He stepped in on her behalf. Moses ALSO has gained the respect of Miriam, as one that is the better man, one that would have compassion on his enemies,

just like God.