Grudem's 20 Christian Beliefs, V.2

What is God Like?

  1. Why do some people deny the existence of God?
  • As long as there is no God they only have to worry about what they can see. People can blame whatever they want for problems and do whatever they want as long as they don’t believe anyone or anything is ever going to make them pay the consequences.
  1. Is there any difference between the evidence in Scripture and the evidence in Nature for God’s existence? Explain.
  • I think there is. Scripture tells explicitly the action of God on nature. By observing nature we just have to deduce things on our own. If I see injustice happen in nature, or among men, I can write it off. Only by being open minded and wise can I see the amazing work of God in creation. It’s far too easy to be hard-hearted and not see how amazing a bug is. It’s the opposite to have a teaching of the Bible told to you and not see God work in it.

God is Knowable

  1. What is the difference between incomprehensible and knowable as it relates to what we can know about God? How can God be both?
  • I can KNOW my wife, but I’ll never fully know every single thing about her. It’s infinitely moreso with God. I can know how He is, and I can know things about Him, but I’ll never match or fully know His fullness without His intervention. It’s kind of like math. I can know 2+2, but I can’t discover pi or a mole or whatever the next mathmatical constant may be all at once.
  1. How would you answer the objection-”Claiming to know God is presumptuous; humility acknowledges that we cannot truly know Him?”
  • I think you can BE presumptuous but like my answer above, I can know my wife but not know all of her. It is humility to believe God when He says that we can know Him. It’s arrogance to say that God is wrong. The humility comes in looking for Him, and taking whatever it is that He wants to show you.

God is Independent

  1. Explain and answer this objection: “If God was really independent, why does the Bible seem to always beg for human devotion and obedience?”
  • God wants our devotion because that is ultimately what is the best for us. That is why I want my kids to listen to me, not because I’m a selfish brat and demand my own way, but I know that if we buy what they want to buy and let them lead our family we’ll be out on the street in a week.

God is Unchangeable.

  1. What are some ways that the Scriptures speak of God changing? Does this violate His being unchangeable?
  • I think it is awesome how God changes based on the circumstances sometimes. He is unchanging like something dependable and stable, not like an uncaring brick wall. He changes like an apple tree changes. It grows all over the place, but from seed to leaves it’s always, consistently, an apple tree.