Grudem's 20 Christian Beliefs, V.1

Chapter  1: What is the Bible?


Critics argue that the Bible’s proof is based upon circular reasoning. Upon what is this accusation based? What do you think about this accusation?

  • That is valid, but it should also be true because CHRISTIANS SHOW that the Bible is true.

What are some other “authorities” in life that attempt to compete with the supreme authority of the Scriptures?

  • Quadafii, “Common sense” which is really selfish American Culture, and the love of this world are things that ultimately compete with scripture

Why are some things in the Bible difficult for you to believe or obey?

  • Some of the things are hard to believe because they seem extreme or hard, and then I see the alternative play out in life. When I see what it looks like for someone to deny themselves and take up their cross DAILY and follow Jesus, I see how good and true that teaching is.


How can we say that the Bible is clear, when Peter in the text above (2 Peter 3:14-16) says that some things in it are “hard to understand”?

  • The book says the Bible is clear, I don’t think it’s clear. I also find that a lot of people hide behind the idea that “it is confusing” to excuse themselves from obeying God. I like to focus just on the things that are clear and watch for the rest to work themselves out.

What are some obstacles Grudem points to that prevent us from understanding Scripture rightly? Which one is most difficult for you personally?

  • The fact that I don’t know Jewish culture and the exact context of some of the stuff is hard for me. Like the eye of the needle thing. I think Jesus was really talking about a real needle, not some door to the temple.

What is the primary cause of your misunderstandings of Scripture?

  • Overthinking makes me misunderstand stuff, that and not knowing the whole Bible and how it interprets itself on various things. The other part is the arrogance that I can understand it all! I can’t!

Compare 2 Timothy 2:15 with your ability to “accurately” handle the word of truth.

  • That is a great goal. accurately handling the Word of Truth is really like handling a sword well. It does no good if you are good at it when you’re young and alone, you need it when you are old and at war also.

At times, experts and seminary professors disagree on the interpretations of Scripture and church members wonder what hope there is to truly understand Scripture. How does the doctrine of the clarity of Scripture help guard against that temptation?

  • Personally, I don’t like the doctrine of clarity of scripture. I’m not even sure I agree with it! All scripture is God breathed, and good for teaching and rebuking, but Jesus was INTENTIONALLY unclear in some of His parables so that we would go to HIM. I think some of it is intentionally unclear so that the Holy Spirit can step in and connect the dots.


List some things you would know about God without the aid of Scripture?

  • HE IS FREAKING AMAZING! He is creative, just, has longevity. He doesn’t like pork. He cares for orphans and widows and aliens.

List some things that you would have no way of knowing without the Scriptures?

  • All of the cool stories of how He has worked through history.

Explain the difference between general revelation and specific revelation? What texts can you give in support of your explanation?

  • Psalm 19 = general revelation, Hebrews 1 = specific revelation

If food is necessary for physical well-being, the Scriptures are likewise necessary for spiritual well-being. What makes us so spiritually insensitive that we feel physical hunger much more acutely than spiritual hunger? What is the remedy for you personally?

  • Habits and a lifestyle of self-soothing make us able to live without God’s presence. I feel spiritually hungry and my wife and tell it in me when I’m starving. I need time w/ God in whatever good form. Singing worship songs, prayer, quiet time alone, reading, etc.


Grudem says the Bible is sufficient. What three generalities does he cite?

  • I think mainly this is a topic to try to keep people from coming up with new and cock-eyed teachings.

What topic do you wish that the Bible would say more than it does? What is at the root of this desire? How should the teaching on sufficiency affect this desire?

  • What is the role of a guy when he sees somebody say they are a christian and they are deliberately not doing it? As in the balance between faith and works. The theif on the cross didn’t DO anything except defend Jesus, but the guy that gets baptized and then keeps womanizing and smoking pot? What about him? I know it’s all in there and God will show me man by man, and knowing it’s all in the bible helps me a lot.

What does Grudem mean by “humble hesitancy?” In what way do you characterize this approach to the Bible?

  • I think humble hesitancy is awesome. It makes us keep from judging bad preachers, putting down preferential church activities, etc.