Easter Vigil at St. Ben's

Two of my sons and I went to the Easter Vigil with our community. It was good and brought up a lot of great conversation before and afterward- and a couple hilarious statements. I told my 11 year old that I was proud of him for staying awake to the very end, and he said, “Yeah, especially with the pope talking in his lullaby voice.”

I had to correct them about 286 times that this was the Bishop and not the Pope. I’m still not sure they get that part.

The other great part is when you are sitting there with kids that have memorized all of the books of the Bible and the first reading is from Genesis, then the 2nd reading is from Exodus, and then their eyes get real big. “Are they going to read from every book of the Bible tonight!?” one of them asked me the first time we went.

Here was the noteworthy quote from the night. I’m not sure if Bishop Thompson was saying it himself or if he was still quoting the Pope, but it’s good and true whoever said it:

all who evangelize are instruments of resurrection power.