David's Super-Identity

The other day the boys were playing outside on their scooters while I was getting ready to plant some grass seed. They were skating back and forth and talking a mile a minute at 120 decibels. Isaac skated over and asked “What is Batman’s secret identity again?”
“Bruce Wayne” I told him.
“Ok, David, since we don’t have our suits on, we have to call each other by our secret identity, so I’ll call you Bruce Wayne, and you call me Peter Parker.”
And so they played.

After about 15 minutes (probably more like 5) David came over to me and said, “Hey Daddy, do you know who my super identity is?” Now David is 4, and he often get’s stuff pretty mixed up, like calling the thing on top of a helicopter a ‘perkeller’ and the red things they make ketchup out of ‘benatoes’
“You mean your secret identity?” I asked him.
“No, my super-identity. My super-identity is God.”
“What do you mean?” I wasn’t sure if I had to correct him or what he meant by that.
“God is my Pastor. So He gives me my super-identity.”

“That’s awesome.”

Then he ran off and started yelling at Peter Parker again while I planted tiny grass seeds like the Kingdom in my garden.