David Really Was After God

“I hate those who cling to worthless idols; I trust in the LORD.”(Psa 31:6 NIV)

I am reading through the Bible chronologically, and I just finished 1 Samuel with a smattering of Psalms throughout it. After reading through Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, and Judges, It seems a little amazing to me that SO MANY of God’s people eventually went after idols. I think Moses and Joshua are the only guys in their books that stayed after God. Rachel kept household gods, Joseph talked about his cup used for divination (which may or may not be true, he might have just said that in keeping with his play-acting with his brothers) and man, just about all of the Judges eventually made up their own idols.¬†

So here is David, after a long line of rulers that eventually crumbled and chased idols, staying with God even though he is on the run and fleeing for his life throughout the land of the Philistines. 

I ran into a guy yesterday on the street that I met about 5 years ago and hadn’t talked to him since. We chatted a little bit then we left. Then we ran into him again walking down the street and he asked if he could pray for us, so of course, we did. Then he passed by a little later (he was going to and from his house to a store and our house is in between) and he said he had a word from the Lord for me. He told me what it was and I said thanks.¬†

He said, ‚ÄúI mean it, it’s God’s word!‚Äù

“Alright, thank you” I said. 

So why am I having trouble believing that? 

I guess here comes the rub. There is SO MUCH in history of people saying what God wants. From the crusades to ‘Manifest Destiny’ to my friends shrugging their shoulders when something happens because of their poor preparations and they say ‘God wills it.’

Sometimes I think we can turn to our will like an idol, and baptize it and call it God, but at the same time I KNOW that sometimes God speaks just as clear as a bell into our lives and directs us along a course. 

I guess this is where the TRUST thing comes in. Trust in the Lord to confirm what other people say is from Him.