Silent Night at Taylor University – Another night, Another Lay Up

Keaton Hendricks plays basketball for Taylor University. He shoots lay ups, long shots, free throws, the whole bit. But one night, there was one shot, that set everyone cheering like none of his other 351 points that season.

2014 Taylor University Silent Night from Dan Hendricks Media on Vimeo.

They do this close to Christmas every year. The whole arena is silent until Taylor scores the 10th point. When that happens, the crowd goes wild and cheers for 10 points worth of cheering.

It is appropriate that they do this during Christmas. On the night Jesus was born, it was just another night for a lot of people. Just another night of helping sheep birth their young; just another night of animals being fed and rulers of nations taking a census to justify their armies and taxes.

I’m not sure what angels do when a baby is born, but they did something different with this one. All of the cheering, all of the chaos, all of the rejoicing-joy of these Taylor University students is a dimly lit cup of luke-warm tea compared to the festival that the angels had over the fields that night.

Watch that video again and cheer.

Uniformity and Monotony – My TEDxEvansville Talk

I had the honor and fun of giving a talk at the inaugural TEDxEvansville. It was a great experience and I got to meet a lot of really neat people. You can view them all at YouTube with the link or you can watch mine below and get there from the links in it.

You can also Google the phrase “Uniformity and Monotony” and there I am! Of all the things you could rank for, I get that one.


Video about What Happens at The Rescue Mission

Here is the video the awesome video artists at CFC made about what goes on at the Rescue Mission. I’m so glad they made this. I spoke to their High School kids one a Sunday and left telling my wife that the 4 min video was so much greater than my 30 min speech.

Check it out, then head over to their Vimeo page to see what else they have going on.